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                   5TH  WORLD WATER CONGRESS, BEIJING 2006
   Water Security & Safety Management Workshop
Wednesday, 13th September, 2006, Beijing, China



Session I: Anti-Seismic Measures on Water Supply (part 1)

Chair: Mr Bruno Nguyen (France)
Akira Nitta, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan
"Japanese Experience of Earthquakes and Anti-Seismic Measures"

Professor Wenjun Liu, Tsinghua University, China

Mr. Cheng Chin-tse, Taiwan Water Supply Association, Chinese Taiwan
"The Experience of Water Security in Taipei"

Mr. James B. McDaniel, Chief Operating Officer-Water, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, USA


Session II: Anti-Seismic Measures on Water Supply (part 2)

Chair: Professor Sabro Matsui (Japan)
Mr. Hiroaki Yoshida, Tokyo Metropolitan Water Works Bureau, Japan
 "Seismic Resistance Countermeasures in Tokyo Metropolitan Waterworks"

Motoki Mikami, Nagoya Municipal Water Works Bureau, Japan
"Regional Cooperation in Wide Area for Emergency Activity and Recovery Projects"

Kazuya Yamano, Osaka Municipal Water Works Bureau, Japan
"Earthquake Preparedness and Countermeasures in Osaka Municipal Waterworks Bureau"

Toshiyuki Ushikubo, The Waterworks Bureau of the City of Yokohama, Japan
"Countermeasures of Safety against Earthquakes in Yokohama"

Hiroyasu Ohama, Kubota Corporation, Japan
"Verification of the Pipeline Replacement Effects in the Recent Earthquakes in Japan"


Session III: Preparedness and Crisis Management for Water Supply (part 1)

Chair: Professor Ilan Juran (USA), Executive Director of W-SMART
Mr. Francisco Cubillo, Canal de Isabel II, Madrid Spain,
“Good Practices for Managing Risks of Scarcity in Water Supply”

Mr. Sion Cohen, Mekorot, Israel
“Preparing for Emergency Situations”

Hao-Nhien Pham, Suez Environment, Felix Fan, Macao Water, Sino French Water, China
“Crisis Management in Water Supply”

Dr. Werner Brenner ,Indonesia Water PERPAMSI,
“Lessons Learned From the 2004 Tsunami Disaster in Aceh for Water Security and Safety Management”


Session IV: Preparedness and Crisis Management for Water Supply (part 2)

Chair: Sion Cohen (Israel)
Professor Ilan Juran, Urban Utility Center, New-York – USA
“International Research Partnership between Utilities, R&D Institutes and Local Governments for Water Security”

Bruno Nguyen, Eau de Paris, France
“New Specialist Group on Water Security and Safety Management & The Major Consumer Initiative”