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Monday, September 25, 2006

During the summer of 1998 an agreement was established among major utilities including Brooklyn Union, Consolidated Edison of New York Inc., US GasTech, Nicor Technologies Inc., New York City Department of Environmental Protection, Society Anonyme de Gestion des Eaux de Paris (SAGEP), Southern California Gas (SoCalGas), and Polytechnic University to establish the Urban Utility Center and for undertaking the development of R & D Projects and New Technologies Information System.

Our Objective

  • To create synergy among member utility R&D Units on European / North American scale and thereby provide an effective tool for decision making in R&D program management
  • To provide an effective interface between the R&D department and the operational units within the utility environment
  • To accelerate deployment of innovative technologies by facilitating Information Sharing for technology demonstration between utilities and city / infrastructure agencies
  • To become a user-friendly tool for R&D products dissemination and an online controlled interactive data exchange for technology assessment
  • To establish a modular system architecture for an internet based venture for the utility industry needs

System Overview

An Information Sharing System that will be developed and deployed for interactive exchange of research proposals, tests results and performance data. The System will facilitate data exchange with controlled access for technology assessment and R&D planning among identified member utilities. Additionally, it will provide an online marketplace for testing reports and establish controlled sharing of case studies for technology assessment. In particular, the ISS will provide a framework to foster crossover applications of new technologies through partnerships among gas, sewer, electric, and water utilities. The system will have a sharing protocol and network security that will be tested by the users (i.e. the utilities). The database interface will be improved and redesigned for better integration with the users.

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